Battle of Falling Waters 1863


Custer, Pettigrew and the End of the Gettysburg Campaign
Battle of Falling Waters 1863
Custer, Pettigrew and the End of the Gettysburg Campaign
By George F. Franks, III

The story of the Gettysburg Campaign, both before and after the July 1−3, 1863, battle, has recently received increased attention from historians.  The movement of the Army of Northern Virginia from Gettysburg and its pursuit by the Army of the Potomac are every bit as important to the study of the American Civil War as the events in and around the small crossroads town in Pennsylvania.  Many historians agree the Gettysburg Campaign concluded with the Battle of Falling Waters, Maryland, on July 14, 1863.  Although not the climactic battle of the war desired by President Abraham Lincoln, it remains a story of miscalculation, bravery, larger-than-life personalities, tragedy and a cover-up.  This new book tells the story of that final battle.


July 4−12, Lee’s Withdrawal to Williamsport, Maryland, and Meade’s Pursuit

July 13, Lee Crosses the Potomac into Virginia as Meade Prepares to Attack

July 14, The Disposition of Lee’s Rear Guard

July 14, The Disposition of the Army of the Potomac

July 14, The Attack by Kilpatrick’s Cavalry at Falling Waters

July 14, Advance and Withdrawal at Falling Waters

July 15−20, After Lee’s Crossing of the Potomac

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Post Script

       Falling Waters Battlefield Today
Battle of Falling Waters 1863... has been nominated for several prestigious Civil War book awards. Watch for reviews, links to interviews and more.

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